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How to Clean Your Lawn Mower's Air Filter

Time:2022-06-08 16:36:35

The foam filter should be cleaned every 25 hours, more frequently if the dust is large.

The foam filter element is cleaned with kerosene or washing liquid and water, squeezed to dry, then soaked in oil, squeezed out the excess oil to install. If "DON NOT OIL" is printed, do not add oil.

The paper filter element is cleaned every 25 hours, more frequently when the dust is heavy.

Clean the front filter every 25 hours with the front air filter, and clean the paper core every 100 hours. It should be more frequent when the dust is large.

The cleaning of the front air filter is the same as that of the foam filter element.

The paper filter element should be tapped on a flat surface. If it is very dirty, a should be replaced or washed in low or non-foaming detergent and warm water solution; b rinse thoroughly with running water from inside to outside until the water is clean; c stand upright and air dry.

Note: Do not use petroleum solvents such as kerosene to clean the paper core. As it may cause the paper core to deteriorate, do not put oil on the paper core, and do not clean or dry the paper core with compressed air.