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What is the difference between pure gasoline saws and hybrid chainsaws?

Time:2022-06-08 16:52:51

1. Different power

The chain saws on the market are mainly two-stroke ones, which use a mixture of gasoline and engine oil; the four-stroke chain saws use a relatively small amount and use pure gasoline. The power of the two-stroke is relatively powerful and powerful, but the fuel ratio is particularly important and easy to repair.

2. Different applicability

Because the chain saw needs to be operated by hand in most cases, considering this factor, the engine of the chain saw usually requires high power and the weight should not be too heavy to facilitate hand-held operation. Therefore, most chain saws use two-stroke engines as their power systems. Compared with other types of engines, two-stroke engines have the advantages of light weight, high power, simple structure, strong reliability and durability, and become the first choice for hand-held logging saw power, but two-stroke engines must add a certain amount of two-stroke special oil to the burning gasoline. to keep the engine running normally.